Free Verse – Greed – SD

Burning Soul I

Sometimes I hate the world
And everyone in it,
But I hate to hate
And even more the spread of it.

I reject the notion that we’re all just animals,
Fighting each other for the right to animate
Our lives with divergent purposes,
Different beliefs, or testaments.

But you wouldn’t know it
From the way we treat each other.
Corruption, greed, and violence;
Our society is smothered.

Success is gauged above all on possessions.
Trophy wives, iPhones, PlayStation —
They’re just empty obsessions
Used to help us feel less vacant.

But what’s the real cost
Of our own voracity,
When we’re out in the cold
Without a place to sleep?

See, this is how they want it.
We’re just gears in a system,
Because the blue light specials
Are like a corporate orgasm.

They feed off our need
For the next biggest thing,
And the profits they reap
In the name of capitalism.

We always seem to ask
The wrong questions about desire.
It’s not about what fills the void;
It’s about trying to light your own fire,

Not with new toys and distractions–
They’re nothing more than kindling.
The real flame is from within.
It’s burning motivation.

So fill your coffers and coffins
With all the charred remains
Of voided warranties, emaciated orphans,
And your 140-character fame.

I’ll take all your objects
And melt them in my fire,
Because connecting with a kindred spirit
Is the true fulfillment of desire.

Stevie D

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