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Election Day Revelations

As tears leak down embarrassed cheeks,
sliding smoothly southward,
I think of all that rolls downhill with this decision –
down goes my faith, once again…
First god, and now man,
how does one find the energy to stand
in a world that stands against you? Continue reading Election Day Revelations

dreaminsanity: THE MARTIAN, the Oscar’s, and Rational Thought

Image of Mars, http://mars.nasa.gov/multimedia/images/?ImageID=6453
Image of Mars, http://mars.nasa.gov/multimedia/images/?ImageID=6453

I watched The Martian last night for the first time. After reading the book by Andy Weir a couple months ago, I was excited to see what Hollywood would do with such a detail-rich and well-researched story. They glossed over most of the super-scientific information (understandably so) to get to the heart of the human interest story of an astronaut lost on Mars, and the NASA scientists and astronauts trying to bring him home. Continue reading dreaminsanity: THE MARTIAN, the Oscar’s, and Rational Thought

Literary Inspiration – What are Rights?

I think about George Carlin a lot. He was one of the first comedians I really started listening to when I was about eight… which is probably too young. But I think his cultural impact goes far beyond being a stand-up comedian. I really think he was a modern-day philosopher, especially as he got older and the subject matter of his comedy became more existential. I don’t know if he believed all of the ideas that he presented on stage, but he at least had the intellectual capacity to consider and explain them – convincingly. Continue reading Literary Inspiration – What are Rights?