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Using Side Characters to Provide Perspective

Perspective can be one of the most important aspects of writing an in-depth, detailed narrative, especially when world building is a big part of your writing.

World building is the reason I started writing.

So, that means sometimes I want to write about the story underneath the plot–the cultural or historical context, even if it just pertains to one character’s arc. Continue reading Using Side Characters to Provide Perspective

4.27.18 – Kansas

finite. small.
‘…everyone should feel small at least once in their lives…’
Is that the prize to be found in the heart
Of the Heartland?
Beyond sight in the endless stretch
Of more than out of reach,
But still less than nothing –
To see, to feel, to be –
Perspective is a gift, right?
bite-size. tiny.
…we are just a speck in the infinite…
Is it only by being little that we can try
to be big?
Powerful beyond measure,
Rest assured, it’s more
A fear than a present. Continue reading 4.27.18 – Kansas

My Thanksgiving without Water

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I normally have at least two Thanksgiving meals each year: one with my mother’s family, and one with my father’s family. I love getting together with my family — whichever family — and enjoying a feast of a day. Thanksgiving with my father’s family is particularly appealing, as the meal tends to span four or five courses, beginning at 2 or 3pm, and ending with coffee and/or liquor at 9pm. That’s an Italian-American dinner for you. Continue reading My Thanksgiving without Water