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“The Grand Mythos” Chapter 3 is Up!

Chapter three of my short fantasy series, “The Grand Mythos of Úr’Dan” is now available on Wattpad.

Entitled “Hairek’s Hunger”, this chapter really starts to get into some of the early conflict between the First Four Vai’ad, as you’ll see in the chapter blurb below.

And if the concept of cosmic beings playing at god-games is a little too far-fetched for you, don’t worry. You’ll get to meet a more… earthly character in upcoming chapters.

Genre: fantasy, high fantasy, mythic fantasy

Chapter Blurb: The First Four Vai’ad are carving out their places in the Void, but are their purposes aligned? As Aeth’Ún, Gó’Dan, Hairek, and Órúma each search for meaning among the blackness of the Void, they may find that their unity is easily fractured.

Series Blurb:

Every world has its folktales, but even folktales carry a part of the truth. Follow the first beings in the universe as they try to bring order and life to their home. Witness the creation of the vibrant world of Úr’Dan, and the fantastic creatures who live there. Based on the unique fantasy universe of the novel, The Warden of Everfeld: Memento.

Go to Wattpad to read it for free: https://www.wattpad.com/story/163684352-the-grand-mythos-of-%C3%BAr%27dan-volume-one

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Friday Write-Day: All the W.I.P.!

This has been a tough week, mainly due to stress at work. Unfortunately, I haven’t quite mastered compartmentalizing work stress from my home life, so I needed a break from computer-related endeavors.

In short, I didn’t write much this week.

I did, however, get myself a bit more organized for my upcoming works-in-progress. Note the plural there. Continue reading Friday Write-Day: All the W.I.P.!

Writing Lesson #64: World-Building Offers Many Avenues of Storytelling — Use Them


NaNo 2016 got off to a less-than-stellar start for me. For a variety of reasons, not the least of which was the shock induced by the presidential election, I was not focused on writing my second novel, The Warden of Everfeld: Legacy. Part of me feels like I’m jumping ahead too much, considering my first significant round of revisions looms for part one, The Warden of EVerfeld: Memento.

I tend to second-guess myself in such ways. The point is, I haven’t advanced WoEL much beyond the 5,000 words I covered over the first eight days or so. Instead of wallowing in my own thought process, I decided to change focus. Continue reading Writing Lesson #64: World-Building Offers Many Avenues of Storytelling — Use Them