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Misplaced Missive #34 – Over You

I need to get over you, I don’t even know how I got here.
Seems impossible to be anywhere elsewhere
‘Cause this impulse is entirely instinctual
Don’t misconstrue my meaning; it’s not merely physical
It’s total.
Everything you are, even the aspects that confuse:
Every opinion, Every action, Every defect,
Everything you are and nothing you are not
You are my paradigm of perfect. Continue reading Misplaced Missive #34 – Over You

Misplaced Missive #31 – Shell

Blank ceiling silently staring down
at me
Lying motionless
It’s all white noise

Empty and colorless
What reason is there to continue?
No one gets the dreams they pursue
No one loves the people they do
No one enjoys the path they choose Continue reading Misplaced Missive #31 – Shell

Misplaced Missive #25 – Mind/Heart, Brain/Feet, Accept/Defeat

I want you to know
I never gave you my heart.
It chose a path I can’t follow
The idea too hard to swallow.

And it’s not something I wanted
To have you hate me if I’m honest.
So now I suffer in the silence of lies by omission
Forsaken to friendship and avoidance
Of a simple sort of truth. Continue reading Misplaced Missive #25 – Mind/Heart, Brain/Feet, Accept/Defeat