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Haiku Sunday – History


Once in a time span,

we connect in love, laughter,

a cascade friendship.

It’s sort of romantic the way old friends can connect with each other. Even after a decade or more, I still manage to find little sparks of humor and love with people I do not always see or interact with regularly. There’s a certain comfort in that, but also a sad longing. I think both of those feelings contribute to a more content life.

Steve D

Happy 4-Year Anniversary… to My Doggo Teddy!

As I sat reading through one chapter of my beta manuscript, with the Saints-Falcons game on in the background, my dog, Teddy, laid next to me. He was curled up in his favorite fleece, huddled against my wife’s side. Snuggling on the couch is his favorite pastime. Continue reading Happy 4-Year Anniversary… to My Doggo Teddy!

Moonlit Musing – In The Negative

By vilifying love; calling it sinful, evil, wrong
You take away something that belongs.
Something this world needs.
This world already in the negative –
Can it afford to lose even more?
And worse, the source of your final verdict? Continue reading Moonlit Musing – In The Negative

Viciously – JG

Why rehash the silent past? Just:
Fuck you.
I have never hated anyone as viciously as I have loved you.
It seems as soon as I’ve loosened the noose my desire slipped around my heart,
You tighten your hold. And pull the leash, ripping open anew old gaping wounds,
Started by my affection, moved from infection to deadly disease –
Tearing, eviscerating, scarring all my hard earned peace,
To bloody ribbons and dripping gore.
I really fucking hate you; I don’t know if I can treat it anymore.
But you don’t know that I hold it inside. I look you dead in the eyes
And I lie.
And I lie.
And I lie.
Because my heart is still tied and my head is still loyal and my hands are still guilty
But –
I have never hated anyone as viciously as I have loved you.
I still love you. I hate you too. Just as much, if not more…
Not for the reasons you assume.
The cruelty of the refusal to let me go. Do you even notice
Your ill timed pull on me? It’s always slightly right before
I move on completely. Continue reading Viciously – JG

Love – Shakespearean Sonnet – JG

Come Hell Or High Water

This letter is a cognitive dissonance confession.
Which is better: Seeing the sun peeking out from thunder clouds?
Being happy to trust in such a quick fashion
That rain will eventually come after a drought? Continue reading Love – Shakespearean Sonnet – JG