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Misplaced Missive #195 – Lost

A wanderer like me can’t show you the path,
I’m happily lost in the trees.
You said you needed the safety of:
The road traveled before, the one that’s well worn.
I’d accepted that you’ll never abandon ‘the plan’ and let me lead,
So now I can’t believe how you’ve gone astray,
Foot prints and foot trails left every which way,
From my place amongst the leaves,
Your precious plan doesn’t seem,
To lead quite so far away from where I’ll be. Continue reading Misplaced Missive #195 – Lost

Free Verse – Instrumental Inspiration – SD

“That Girl in Amsterdam”

I fell for a girl I met one evening in some dingy Amsterdam bar
Her eyes like ice, my heart was frozen, shining brighter than the stars Continue reading Free Verse – Instrumental Inspiration – SD