Random Ideas #1

My mind tends to wander. Sometimes, my conversations with others wander into strange ideas or interesting proposals.

Most of these ideas are too vague or too far-fetched for me to pursue in any meaningful way, but maybe someone else can.

So here are some ideas to mull over. Feel free to steal them, or point me to examples that already exist.

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Friday Write-Day: A Taste of a New Routine

This week has been interesting, if a little off-center. My mom has been babysitting Nugget all week. She lives in my hometown, which is just about equidistant between my house and my office. My wife’s place of work is int he complete opposite direction.

So guess who’s been dropping off and picking up Nugget every day? Continue reading “Friday Write-Day: A Taste of a New Routine”

Exploring Writing and Cafes in Fells Point

Last night, Jessie and I had our first writing session since… she moved to Denver.

You see, we used to meet periodically with our laptops and notebooks at a little cafe in Columbia, MD to take notes, talk shop, and brainstorm about whatever writing projects we were working on at the time.

Now that Jessie lives in Baltimore and I live just outside the city, we agreed to find a new writer’s cafe. Continue reading “Exploring Writing and Cafes in Fells Point”

Actually Nearing the Finish Line

Ugh. The tying down of plots and characters continues.

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, part of the delay on finishing Manuscript 1 of “Jaed and Aston” has been in trying to parse out the finishing plot points for each of my characters. The biggest difficulty I’ve found in this process has been in fitting the final pieces for each character together concisely, without jamming too much info/action into one section. Continue reading “Actually Nearing the Finish Line”

Haiku Sunday – Porcupine


Curled up tight, poised barbs
Prick the hands trying to soothe
Your porcupine heart.

Steve D

Author’s Note: This haiku was inspired by the phrase “porcupine heart”, which I actually said in a real conversation. (I sometimes speak in metaphor and prose — what of it?) Now I’m curious whom among you can throw some intriguing words, phrases, metaphors, analogies, etc. at me to use as inspiration for a future haiku? After all, I can’t write about the weather and things I can see from my back door forever.

Comment below an idea you want me to try to jam into a haiku. If you like, I’ll give you a shout-out and a link to your website in the haiku post. Challenge me!