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Haiku Sunday – Peppercorn


Earthy like autumn,

gin that chills and soothes, finished

with a summer’s bite.

My sister-in-law had a genius gift idea for me for Christmas this past year: infusion ingredients for gin. I got a box of eight different ingredients–herbs, flowers, spices, etc.–to infuse gin with. Best. Gift. Ever.

I love gin, and I love mixing up cocktails. The one pictured above is Hendrick’s gin (my personal favorite) infused with pink peppercorns. Notice how all the color leeched out of the peppercorns and tinged the gin. We have some other tasty concoctions aging in our liquor cabinet at the moment.

Steve D

Haiku Tuesday – Sick


A bug in the throat,

a tickle, until it spreads

like a sickly web.

Hope you enjoyed the haiku. Apologies for the short post. I had wanted to write my end-of-year Numberbrag, but that will have to wait.

My laptop appears to be on its way out after 10 good years. The battery (with which I replaced the first battery) is not functioning well, and I’m still not able to turn the computer on at this point.

I’m shopping around for a new home desktop, but in the meantime, I’ll have to use my wife’s laptop.

I also came down with a cold last night, and I’m trying not to get my son sick. He’ll probably be fine, but only he’s four months old. So I will be washing my hands compulsively for the rest of the week.

Steve D