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July 1 Theme: Gluttonous Appetites

Welcome to week 3 of the Seven Deadly Sins series! Last week’s contributions to the theme of Lust proved to come from completely different directions once again. Who knew that one theme could cover the birth of a child, a hunting predator, and the physical connection between people in one shot? Continue reading July 1 Theme: Gluttonous Appetites

Free Verse – Lust – JG

Hell Hound’s Howl

Can tasting of your body
Satisfy my ravenous craving
For your spirit?
In the rapid race of my heart
(Can you hear it?)
Keeping the pace of a predator,
Sanity and stability and solid foundations
Of hesitations and reservations and realizations…
Get run over and passed through.
I’ve left:
Paw prints on practicality;
Muddy indents on reality;
Grass stains and broken twigs on morality. Continue reading Free Verse – Lust – JG