Netflix’s ‘OUTLAW KING’ Falls Flat

While I was on paternity leave, I had a lot of time to binge-watch Netflix, so I was excited to get to some of the films that had been piling up in my list.

Outlaw King, Netflix’s historical fiction about Robert the Bruce’s rebellion against the English crown, was a natural pick for me.

  1. I like Chris Pine
  2. I love Scotland
  3. And I’m interested in Scottish history. I nearly wrote my very first history paper on William Wallace when I was 14, mainly because I had watched Braveheart a thousand times and read about some of the historical battles depicted there.

Unfortunately, while this movie did a lot of things well, it didn’t resonate with me the way I anticipated it would. Continue reading “Netflix’s ‘OUTLAW KING’ Falls Flat”

Quick Rip: THE REVENANT and Leo’s Oscar Hopes

I saw The Revenant over the weekend with a friend. He had already seen it, and he raved about it on our way to the theater. I generally become more critical of films when I hear a lot of hype leading up to me seeing them. The stakes for The Revenant were already high. Continue reading “Quick Rip: THE REVENANT and Leo’s Oscar Hopes”