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Election Day Revelations

As tears leak down embarrassed cheeks,
sliding smoothly southward,
I think of all that rolls downhill with this decision –
down goes my faith, once again…
First god, and now man,
how does one find the energy to stand
in a world that stands against you? Continue reading Election Day Revelations

Free Verse – Challenge Call Response – JG

Heaven’s Devils

           “This isn’t what we do. It’s not about hatred or about death or about any of the  trivial reasons the biased media is painting it around. Don’t let them twist the mission.”
“Them? This isn’t about some vague all powerful ‘them’, this is about me. About us and what we’re trying to accomplish here. We’re supposed to be sending a message to a group of people too comfortable and arrogant to read it. There’s only one choice left.” She punches downward to accentuate her point with the cracking of fist-on-desk violence. Or maybe just to stop herself from hitting me. Continue reading Free Verse – Challenge Call Response – JG