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Misplaced Missive #157 – Real Love

Told with the fondness of nostalgia,
I grew up with the same few stories,
Like prized childhood memories
Of times considered better.

Where violence was common,
And insults became funny after time.
Because when you’re that young,
Everything seems worse than it was. Continue reading Misplaced Missive #157 – Real Love

Misplaced Missive #167 – Thank You – JG

I hide behind the words of wisdom of women wiser than I’ll ever be;
Hide behind the veiled revelations of grief,
Hoping no one will notice and try to comfort me.
Because the disguise denies the intimacy,
Of this pain.
To my shame, I admit I crave:
The sadness. The misery. The tears.
Because if my eyes ever clear;
If a smile ever appears;
It’ll feel like a betrayal. Continue reading Misplaced Missive #167 – Thank You – JG

Concept Art – Captain Hammer Told Me Everyone’s A Hero In Their Own Way


‘In the time of gods and monsters, what is the worth of a man?’ – Joss Whedon

Colored Doodle!
Colored Doodle!

It’s supposed to be so simple. Hero. Someone that saves the day, right? We grow up with these images of chiseled men and women, painted in neon colors, performing impossible tasks of daring and bravery, holding them on high like deities, and with ubiquitous propaganda of soldiers wrapped in the red white and blue, infallible in their willingness to die for their love of country. And so we learn that heroism is all about the big things: Continue reading Concept Art – Captain Hammer Told Me Everyone’s A Hero In Their Own Way