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Officially an Officiant: Thoughts Post Performing a Wedding

I’ve been pretty MIA for awhile now. Overburdened with promises I made without really considering how much they would personally tax me. One of those, really the one with the most to gain/lose, was my agreement to officiate a good friend’s wedding ceremony.

It transpired this past weekend. It went…. far better than I could have hoped, to be honest. My heavy reliance on my ‘inner wolf’, as I jokingly call my tenuous confidence, pulled me through a situation that terrified me.  Continue reading Officially an Officiant: Thoughts Post Performing a Wedding

Misplaced Missive #114 – 1 Good Reason

Young and insecure,
Constantly searching for:
Validation, Confirmation
Of reciprocation
Of feelings better forgotten.
So besotted; so taken
I faithfully deny unhealthy devotions,
Set in motion to distract and subtract,
From thought-worthy worries and woes. Continue reading Misplaced Missive #114 – 1 Good Reason

Misplaced Missive #3 – Pieces – JG

514 Piece

The once intricate pieces of my personality,
Are now eroded, edgeless, and smooth.
I can’t determine what goes where,
Can’t find the part that should care,
So everything, from thoughts to moods,
Is muddled together, selected at random. Continue reading Misplaced Missive #3 – Pieces – JG