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Saturday of Book Reviewing – Dracula

Cue the haunting intro music! This week I finally finished Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Written in 1897 by the Irish Stoker, this novel fueled so much of the culture we see today  that even without reading the book, most know the story. Continue reading Saturday of Book Reviewing – Dracula

Funny Weird or Funny Ha Ha??

A post about humor in writing and my insecurity in that arena.

Welcome, friends!

So I am writing a book. Of this, I am sure. As to whether I believe it to be any good or not is entirely less certain. I consider myself a loyal follower of Vonnegut’s Creative Writing 101 and thus seek to not waste my reader’s time. The question lies in my ability to be successful in this endeavor. And thus, a couple bits from my nearly finished novel:

Excerpt 1:  Continue reading Funny Weird or Funny Ha Ha??

November’s Theme – Grrrrrrr Argh

Long Live Buffy!
Long Live Buffy!

All of the angries!!! Let’s leap from whimsical galumphing to hard hitting villanelles; from random and abstract to deeply personal and intimate; from fun and light and imaginary to graphic and dark and all too real. Continue reading November’s Theme – Grrrrrrr Argh