Concept Art – Captain Hammer Told Me Everyone’s A Hero In Their Own Way


‘In the time of gods and monsters, what is the worth of a man?’ – Joss Whedon

Colored Doodle!
Colored Doodle!

It’s supposed to be so simple. Hero. Someone that saves the day, right? We grow up with these images of chiseled men and women, painted in neon colors, performing impossible tasks of daring and bravery, holding them on high like deities, and with ubiquitous propaganda of soldiers wrapped in the red white and blue, infallible in their willingness to die for their love of country. And so we learn that heroism is all about the big things: Continue reading Concept Art – Captain Hammer Told Me Everyone’s A Hero In Their Own Way

Color Schemes – Bright – JG

Your future shines so brightly, I can see it from the present.
Iridescent, I guess it can’t be contained by a time frame.
And yet, you remain – skittish, hesitant, concerned –
Worried about wishes and wants when your will will
Take you to your forever.
Because it’s meant to be – certain, fated, destined,
I sense it must be naïve to believe you could see
Guided by your own light; by your own brilliance. Continue reading Color Schemes – Bright – JG

September’s Theme – “Round And Round We Spin…


Theme Doodle!
Theme Doodle!

…. with feet of lead and wings of tin” – Kurt Vonnegut

Last month was all about the positivity and idealism of looking to a glorious future, the month before it was all about changing the past, so this month let’s discuss the things that bridge the two! You know, those dastardly clingy remnants of the past that affect and influence the here and now.

Theme – Baggage ORRRRRRRRRR That Which Lingers

Structure – Double Acrostic

C’mon people, be prepared to work those vocabularies and dust off your thesaurus!

– Jessie Gutierrez

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haiku and tanka

Happy Haiku Sunday! Here’s a haiku/tanka piece from erikleo, simplistic yet intriguing. Check out more of his work:



on the paving slab
a slug’s silvery map
sets off an apricot stone

the Arctic terns have flown south –
late August, alone in a bird hide

sitting in the sun –
a tiny insect crawls across
my poem

godwits drilling the still pond –
ripples in the universe

watching bumble bees spiral into petals
I rub lavender leaves between fingers
releasing scent
but it doesn’t ease
my throbbing head

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Concept Art – What is Love? Baby, Don’t Hurt Me

Cheesy music reference aside, Concept Art is going to be a semi-serious, introspective series. After a truly heartbreaking conversation a lot of times I prefer to dwell on abstractions instead of vivid details and relevant circumstances, so I thought I might as well start out big or go home.

And thus:
Love. Continue reading Concept Art – What is Love? Baby, Don’t Hurt Me

Quick Rip: Dead Sara Rocks Me to Goosebumps

I have “discovered” yet another band who has been rocking out for years without my knowledge. It’s like a piece of my soul has been wandering aimlessly, and has just now been returned to its proper place in the ever-growing anthology of musical moments-in-time of my life. Why does this keep happening to me?! Continue reading Quick Rip: Dead Sara Rocks Me to Goosebumps

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