Easy Ramblings – JG

            Easily, you brand me - why?
 Because all you see is me
 Giving in to instincts like some filthy animal.
 No credit given where credit is due,
 Who the hell are you to sentence me to Hell?
 Well, I guess you're someone who knows, right? Guilty
 of the same sin of wiring, how inspiring that you're willing
 To claim yourself superior
 Because you're perfectly unhappy hiding your interior
 wants and wishes.
 Walk away before I get vicious -
 I'm just a mindless mongrel anyways, right?
 That's all it could be,
 So very fucking easy for you to see,
 Easy for you to know exactly how I got here.
           You don't know the Hell I've put myself through.
 The pain I've offered up in penance;
 the sacrifice, the self restriction
 because I wanted to paint it as an addiction
 I could get over with just a little self control.
 I gave up what I knew was worth everything
 For something in my fucking head.
 In your fucking head.
 In my heart,
 All of it is bound in regret.
 I never said what I should've
 As a daily prayer to someone
 A lot more pure
 Than the men I was raised to bow before.
          Easy? Easy you say - why?
 Because it was oh so easy for you?

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What Are Rights? Rebuttal AKA Your Vacuum Missed a Spot to the Right


Dear Stevie,

I’m a big fan of the late great George Carlin, too, although you definitely got into his stand up way earlier in life than I did. I would estimate that I didn’t know who he was until high school, perhaps only really watching and enjoying his act somewhere in my earlier twenties. I’ll freely admit it: he stands tall amongst my heroes, joined by fellow charismatic storytellers like Kurt Vonnegut and Joss Whedon, so I’m a little butthurt at your deconstructing his wisdom. Continue reading What Are Rights? Rebuttal AKA Your Vacuum Missed a Spot to the Right

Monthly and Yearly Goals: January 2016

Happy New Year!

It’s 2016 now. I think the whole New Year’s Resolution thing is a tad overblown. That sentiment is obviously shared by my distant friend on the other side of this website. Still, I like setting goals for myself. It’s a challenge. And I’ve recently started publicizing my writing goals because I feel like I need to be held accountable to… whoever you are. So here are my goals for this month, as well as for 2016 in total. Continue reading Monthly and Yearly Goals: January 2016

Literary Inspiration – Free Verse- JG


No more time to waste; No more excuses to wait.
Overburdened by possessions, useless and extra,
Remove all these trappings of greed hidden beneath
The labels of ‘civilization’ and what society deems one needs,
Heed the call of the wild: lose your inclination for monotonous security. Continue reading Literary Inspiration – Free Verse- JG

January’s Theme – New Year, Same Everything Else

So much talk about resolutions. So many exclamations of how this is going to be the year, the year of big great things we couldn’t motivate ourselves to do last year but somehow, with the switching of a calendar, we shall accomplish now. Just ’cause the year’s changed, doesn’t mean I have. For both bad and good. Continue reading January’s Theme – New Year, Same Everything Else

“Jaed and Aston” Milestone: 100,000 Words

December has been a super slow writing month for me. The holidays always stress me out for no reason, and I had a bunch of other stuff going on this month. Thus, I fell far behind my month’s writing goal of ~35k for “Jaed and Aston”, and about a week before Christmas, I decided that I wouldn’t be able to catch up anyway. Continue reading “Jaed and Aston” Milestone: 100,000 Words

Literary Inspiration – What are Rights?

I think about George Carlin a lot. He was one of the first comedians I really started listening to when I was about eight… which is probably too young. But I think his cultural impact goes far beyond being a stand-up comedian. I really think he was a modern-day philosopher, especially as he got older and the subject matter of his comedy became more existential. I don’t know if he believed all of the ideas that he presented on stage, but he at least had the intellectual capacity to consider and explain them – convincingly. Continue reading Literary Inspiration – What are Rights?

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