Misplaced Missive #167 – Thank You – JG

I hide behind the words of wisdom of women wiser than I’ll ever be;
Hide behind the veiled revelations of grief,
Hoping no one will notice and try to comfort me.
Because the disguise denies the intimacy,
Of this pain.
To my shame, I admit I crave:
The sadness. The misery. The tears.
Because if my eyes ever clear;
If a smile ever appears;
It’ll feel like a betrayal. Continue reading “Misplaced Missive #167 – Thank You – JG”

Color Schemes – Bright – JG

Your future shines so brightly, I can see it from the present.
Iridescent, I guess it can’t be contained by a time frame.
And yet, you remain – skittish, hesitant, concerned –
Worried about wishes and wants when your will will
Take you to your forever.
Because it’s meant to be – certain, fated, destined,
I sense it must be naïve to believe you could see
Guided by your own light; by your own brilliance. Continue reading “Color Schemes – Bright – JG”