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Building Characters To Hide Yourself Within

I’ve always admired Stevie’s ‘Creativity Sessions’ for their purity of endeavor; I don’t think about writing so much as I feel burdened by the drive to write or by the procrastination instead of writing. I’ve accepted this lack in my self – always more emotion than logic, always more flailing than finesse. In an effort to find some middle ground, I thought I’d craft one of these for myself and see how it feels, you know? So tell me how I do in this, my personal step-by-step process of character building:

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Misplaced Missive #20 – Savior Liar

When I look into the mirror,
What do I see?
All the vice and all the need.
It’s a slow bleed
That feeds the hatred in me,
The evasion of pleas,
The casual cruelty of the free.
I call her demon in green,
Draped in red, white, and blue.
An entreaty to a greater deity –
Make the image someone other
Than me.
Make me more than the colorful character,
I’ve pretended so long to be,
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Saturday of Book Reviewing – Six Questions Of Socrates

To quote: “Socrates believed that virtue was not to be unearthed primarily in past teaching, but rather was something that always could be more fully discovered; and that one of the best ways to go about doing this was to hold dialogues with one’s peers.” – pg. 253

Written in 2004 by Christopher Phillips, author of similarly themed ‘Socrates Cafe’, this collection of sit-down discussions takes place among a diverse sampling of the human race, all of whom share one key characteristic in common: a willingness to be honest and open in the pursuit of truth.
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Misplaced Missive #15 – Expect The Worst; Hope For The Best

Oh wow. Ok, this is a strange one to look back on: this was my first attempt at playing with set structure. Notice the 4 – 6 – 4 – 6 – 4 line count of the stanzas. I think I tried this out a fair bit after this one, too, but it’s weird to be faced with the original. 

One bad decision; One wrong choice
Followed by another and others,
Pointed out by faltering conscience.
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