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Misplaced Missive #34 – Over You

I need to get over you, I don’t even know how I got here.
Seems impossible to be anywhere elsewhere
‘Cause this impulse is entirely instinctual
Don’t misconstrue my meaning; it’s not merely physical
It’s total.
Everything you are, even the aspects that confuse:
Every opinion, Every action, Every defect,
Everything you are and nothing you are not
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15 on the 15th: Where the Arizona moon met the Arizona sun

State Motto: Ditat Deus
… And when that fails, music does the job for him.

Disclaimer: The sun is setting early, the night rising up and defeating the day after minimal battle. ‘Tis brooding conditions methinks. This playlist reflects that mood.

Chester Bennington

Of Linkin Park, Of Stone Temple Pilots, Of Dead By Sunrise. The hole he left remains.

Black Carl

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Weekly Writing Challenge #165 – Tanka of Doubt

Woot. The Secret Keeper posted a new challenge on Monday. The key was to use Rough, Gate, Rag, Hip, and Wine in either flash fiction or a poem in a style of your choosing. I chose the Tanka.

Here’s my offering:


Would I choose water
Over wine? A too rough truth
Over a smooth lie?
The gate to more is a red
Rag flown from a corpse’s hip.

Jessie Gutierrez