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Theme for October – the Virtue of Giving

Okay, so I realize that I promised to get this up yesterday, and that totally did not happen. But at least we have a whole month to write these poems! Oh right, unless you read my post on Tuesday, you probably don’t know that Schizophrenic Summers is changing to a month-long submission period.

Our last round of poems featured chastity as the theme, and produced one poem about holding women to certain standards (ideals?) and one about holding love to no standards at all.

Theme: Charity

Structure: Free verse Continue reading Theme for October – the Virtue of Giving

New Plans for Schizophrenic Summers

For those of you who have been keeping tabs on Red Strings in recent weeks, you may have noticed that the well has been… drier than usual. This can be attributed to numerous reasons: vacations, weddings, new jobs, crashing computers, more weddings; our writers have had a busy August and September. Continue reading New Plans for Schizophrenic Summers

Free Verse – Diligence – SD

How ironic that my poem for diligence is submitted a full day late.

The Machinist

Fifty-plus years on the cement floor
Or those hollow wood planks where the ships come home,
Rivets and chains convey the slow roll:
Light the fire, turn the gear, churn’em out, let’em go. Continue reading Free Verse – Diligence – SD

Creativity Sessions: What’s Your Creative Muse?

Last month, I wrote the first of what I intended to be a series of articles on creativity. Continuing on the theme of learning how to channel your creativity, I’d like to explore how one of my biggest creative inspirations – music – affects my work. Continue reading Creativity Sessions: What’s Your Creative Muse?