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Explorers and Storytellers

Red String PaperCuts is a collaborative, open space for a small community of writers, bloggers, poets, storytellers, and thinkers to share their work, ideas, and passion. Blogs, thought pieces, poems, letters, short stories, reviews, critiques, essays, articles, rants — bring ’em on. We’ll happily take submissions from writers trying to spread their creative wings (or footprints).

Schizophrenic Poetry Challenge

We feature occasional themed poetry challenges in the Schizophrenic Poetry Challenge. Anyone is free to post a poetry challenge with a specific theme (and structure if you like), but you have to show us your poem first! This allows poets to share their ideas and poetic acumen on a range of topics and forms. Here are the rules:

To Challenge Other Writers:

  1. One person will post a poem of theirs to their own website (or RSPC, if you like). This poem can be any style, theme, or form.
  2. They will then post a follow-up Challenge Call to RSPC’s Schizophrenic Summers category. (For other writers, this call would be submitted to us at info@redstringpapercuts.com. We could also simply reblog it from your site.)
  3. The Challenge period will then run for two weeks from the date of the Challenge Call. We will run only one challenge at a time.

To Answer a Challenge Call:

  1. Anyone may answer a Challenge Call by posting a response poem of the same theme and/or structure to their own websites/blogs.
  2. Copy-paste the link to your response into the comments of the original Challenge Call. We want to see your responses!
  3. Enjoy the responses!

See the Schizophrenic Poetry Challenge category page for the current challenge, or submit a Challenge Call if we’re not currently running one!

And why ‘schizophrenic,’ you ask? Because Jessie and I argue… a lot. But in the way that only dear friends can. We can’t even agree on our favorite poetic structures.

Meet the creators behind Red String PaperCuts and our contributors!

Steven D’Adamo is a co-creator, editor, writer, and blog manager for Red String PaperCuts. Born and raised outside of Baltimore, Maryland, he returned to his homeland after several years of adventures abroad (otherwise known as college and grad school). His literary tastes include fantasy, history, historical fiction, and contemporary issues.

His first novel, a fantasy adventure entitled The Warden of Everfeld: Memento, will be published in 2017.

Jessie Gutierrez is a co-creator, editor, and writer for Red String PaperCuts. She is a firm believer that to be a great writer you must also be an avid reader. See what she’s reading at: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/20556335-wolfy514.

Marcy Erb is a contributing writer for Red String PaperCuts. She is sometimes a poet and sometimes a scientist, but most of the time wanders around, lost somewhere in between. A native of Southern California, she now resides in Boston, MA, where she is learning all about “weather”. Say hello at illustratedpoetry.com.

Also check out what our Guest Writers have contributed here, including movie reviews and poetry.

Want to talk? Leave a comment! Otherwise, submissions or questions can be sent to info@redstringpapercuts.com.

Other Stuff We Like

A collection of other blogs and websites we think are pretty sweet. Spread the love.

Five on the Fifth – Monthly online literary magazine specializing in short fiction

Illustrated Poetry – A blog mingling poetry and visual artwork and photography

Skeleton City Comics – Several web comics and artwork portfolios from a trio of talented artists

Things I Would Have Said – A personal poetry/diary blog

Wonder’s Edge Games – An indie game developer trying his hand at mobile games

Zoe’s Stickers – Hand-drawn and printed stickers by a talented artist

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