Moonlit Musing – Misery

 The folly of fools,
And the demolition of rules,
Listen to the lesson:
Don’t deny what you are.

Read the board,
Written stark white on black,
Be Who You Are
Accept the fact –
If you choose to lie,
To hide what’s inside,
To all those who should care unconditionally,
It will cause time
To feel painfully eternal,
Just like the fables you bear.

Create a new facade,
Disregard truth and God.
What makes you holy
Makes you weak.
All the answers you seek
Can be found in falsehoods.
Because you’ve forsaken the truth
And it has no use in your self-inflicted misery.

It’s not a crime
And you’re not a demon,
Not a sinner, Not a heathen
These labels are beneath them,
Those who would wield them,
And beneath us,
Those who would wear them.

“Why bother with trust though,
When dishonesty pays so much better?”

It’s all relative
Who remembers it
Years down the line?
Resign yourself to misery
Redesign yourself a slave to the imaginary,
Standard of “Good” and “Pure”
And learn the lesson:
Be Who You “Are”
Because others are present.

The folly of fools,
And the demolition of rules,
Listen to the lesson:
Don’t deny what you are.

Why strive to deny where I excel?
No more looking a gift horse in the mouth,
No more rambling, dreaming, wishing about,
Being different , being better, by your count,
It’s enough to make the real me want to howl,
A smile to hide my scowl, a grin to hide my frown,
I made these masks for you
Obeyed these rules for you
Now I don’t know who I am anymore.
So I’ll keep living your lesson.
Be Who I “Am”.

Jessie Gutierrez

PS: Arya Stark is in this video. I wrote the word ‘stark’ in my poem. Yes, that is their major connecting point. ❤

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