Misplaced Missive #41: Fallen

Fallen like acid rain,
Burning instead of cleansing.
All I want is my sins absolved away:
Tell me it’s okay to feel this way.

My moments of insecurity
Always happen when here
Brought on by you being near
Can’t focus; You shatter me
Scatter me about.

Fallen like an angel from Heaven –
Can’t all sins be forgiven?
All I want to know is that I can be redeemed,
Please help me see how to pull myself together
In a way you might approve.

You shake me up enough
To break me free
Of my bad habits and worst fears.
But part of me?
Believes I’m leaving one false idol
For another.

Jessie Gutierrez

Lotsa ups and downs with these missives this month, hm?

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