Misplaced Missive #44: Lift

So this is totally not what I had scheduled for today, but with all the reflection and sadness of yesterday it felt wrong to post something melancholy and brooding. Thus: this kinda tentatively hopeful poem.

Grasp my hand
And lift me up
To your heavens
So I can be closer
To the closest path
To perfection

And when that road ends
I’ll make amends
For all the lies and
Cherish the brief infinity
I’ve stolen to be near you.

I’ll gladly abandon my
Caution to tell and hesitant Hell
For a single penetrating glance
Past my colossal cowardice,
Compelling me to chase the chance.

Extend your hand to me
Lend me your courage so I can be
Better for you. Rise to new heights
And take you with me.

I want to be stronger for you
Someone you can:
Rely on, Trust in, Care for, Cry to, Stand with
An equal, a partner, a confidant.

Jessie Gutierrez

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