Friendship Pt. II – JG

IMG_4235This week I drove by my lonesome from Colorado to California to visit friends. Totally worth it. Here’s what I wrote on the return trip:

Time lapsed but it’s like none has passed
A journey of forever for a story
With details already memorized
I’m not surprised –
These are the friendships that last.

Comfort in the familiarity
No shared blood, but family
Calm in the insanity
Of real life and obligation

So far forward but fastened
Tight to treasures of the past.
Found future fortune in what was
Love lives timelessly
For all weather friends.

And maybe communication isn’t constant
But it’s clear;
Not always here physically
But Here
In heart and hopes and thoughts.

Distance trivial, time unmeasured forevers.
It’s been life’s greatest treasure:
The pleasure of knowing you.

Jessie Gutierrez

So this is the second – the first is actually misplaced missive #135, but I just wrote this sooooooo no adorable alliterative title here. They’re rather opposite ends of the friendship spectrum. Hope you enjoyed.

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