I’m Leaving On A Jet Plane, Don’t Know When I’ll Be Back Again

This has been a strange month. I went on a five day vacation only to decide to move to Colorado for the foreseeable future, and because I can do nothing by halves, this of course meant I began planning to move immediately. To the apparent dismay of family, friends, coworkers, acquaintances, and people I sort of recognize by drink order only, the whole transition has taken less than a single strange month.

21 days specifically

A much higher number than the number of people I’ll actually miss. A way lower number than the number of things I’ve had and still have to do to have this new adventure successfully begin. The exact number of phone calls I’ve made to my big sister in a flaily panic about the completely whimsical decision I have just thrown myself wholeheartedly into.

Go big or go home

I’ll have a new home soon. One without all the comforts of a safety net comprised of reliable friends in close proximity and knowledge of the local everythings – from bookstores to bars to favorite trees to lean against while reading a good book. One without the long. dark shadows cast by ingrained obligations and youthful transgressions. One without assumed limits and wasted potential.

I’ll be around more once I land.  – Jessie Gutierrez, she without cookie

PS I was going to originally make this a much shorter update post but then Stevie stole my triple chocolate cookie and demanded I flesh this out to more than 57 words. Thus I shall now use my required extra words to curse his baked goods stealing ways and silly blonde hair. Shush, don’t tell him! ….unless it is to reprimand him for his heinous crimes against innocent, defenseless… procrastinating shamelessly me.

PPS I think stress massacres the hell out of inspiration and creativity.

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