Double Acrostic – Baggage / That which Lingers – SD

So I scheduled this to publish this morning as an ultimatum for myself and forgot to finish and upload the poem. It got four likes with only a quote and a link to a video, so… thank you for the support I guess 😛

“Afflicted Beacon”

Ill-fated sentinel
tugging at a sky of red,
wishful fait accompli
An unbeknownst omen
someone’s fevered visions
of standardizing urban chi.
Fix ‘er up erratic,
unkempt by the cornicopia,
listing under its own burden,
listing despite the occupant
one thousand souls within her,
forging from nothing the life
American- the dream.
Fearful to domesticate,
fearing human nomadism,
like an empty, lonely womb.
It sways without a hurricane,
convulsing under
the florescent glow,
effervescent kitsch.
Down below the neon aura,
her bricks are plastered with drift
over a floor of half-drunk chai,
unaware of the cement
sinking concave below.
Ever slow, a
silent decay washes
at her bones,
New coats of stigmata
devour her cry
beating, pounding like a timpani,
unheeded as an illusion
Ivory tower, is anybody listening?

“It was so full of afflicted houses and buildings, I can’t remember what it was saying.” – Hop Along, “Well-Dressed”

Steve D

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