Free Verse – Sloth – Marcy Erb

Of Vintage Commercials

An increasingly long time ago,
A commercial that ran
On the television of my childhood –
Of food being sloughed off china
Plates into garbage cans –
Warned us that 20 percent of the
World starved while 20 ate like
Kings. Now when the old folks
Bury food in jars in the
Backyard because the dementia
Reminds them of lean days
When sloth was still a sin
We shake our heads at
How old fashioned.
It has gone the way of rotary
Phones and dot matrix printers
It is much better this way
Sloth is a moss growing
Gangly tree mammal and you
Can say disposable,
Outdated, or not worth fixing
Instead. Everybody feels better
And nobody needs to remember
Where the jars of food are hidden.

Written by Marcy Erb of Illustrated Poetry

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