Cave, Cello, God – Galumphing – SD

“Hollow Cavern”

Crouched in the corner of his hollow cavern
Splashing on the walls muddled light from a lantern
Longing at rainwater collecting in a cistern
Wishing he was downing a pint in the tavern

Spaces left vacant by his comrades long gone
Letting the cries from his cello mourn on
Listening to the notes reverberate the walls
Trapped inside this vaulting stone hall

He plays through the songs, repeating the progressions
But he always stumbles when he reaches the crescendo
Because that’s when he’d look for his band mate’s impressions
Fixing on that point of synchronized expression

Then the lights and the sounds and the memories fade
With all of his sorrow on the rock engraved
Praying to God in the hopes he’ll be saved
Yet here he still sits alone in his cave

Stevie D

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