Our Schizophrenic Summers

Yesterday, Jessie and I each posted poems with the same theme and structure under the category “Schizophrenic Summers”. Since I prefer to show rather than tell, I decided to wait until the first poems were up before explaining how they got there.

For months now, Jessie and I have been trading mixed CD’s with accompanying poems or prose. We choose a theme or topic and a poetic structure or form, and get to writing. We then pair our writings with mixed CD’s — music that either inspired the writing or that was brought to mind by it.

Well, now we will be posting these weekly in Schizophrenic Summers. We say Schizophrenic because Jessie and I tend to approach these themes from completely different angles, and we almost always end up surprising each other with the directions our respective writings take.

This week’s theme was “inspiration,” because what better way to start a new writer’s website than with a little inspiration? The structure we used was double acrostic, because Jessie takes sadistic pleasure in choosing exceedingly difficult forms. (Notice than mine is a lot shorter than hers!)

Anyway, we want to invite anyone out there to participate, starting with next week’s theme: Galumphing. Galumphing is a creative technique that we use to challenge ourselves; we agree on one person, one place, and one object to write about. Each of the three nouns must be present in the poem in some way.

For next week, we chose: God (in any form or interpretation), a cave, and a cello. The structure is free verse. In other words, write it in any poetic form you choose. We will publish these themes every Tuesday afternoon.

Submit your poem by May 12 to redstringpapercuts@gmail.com to contribute!

Stevie D

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